You can write to any Benson Parish Councillor at Benson Parish Hall, Sunnyside, Benson, Oxfordshire OX10 6LZ, or email care of the Parish Clerk ( - please note that we do not give out personal or direct contact details for any councillor or staff member:

Mrs Pat Peers (Chairman, full Council)
Mr Jon Fowler (Vice-Chairman, full Council)
Ms Patricia Baylis (Chairman, Recreation & Lands Committee (R&L))
Mrs Teresa McTeague (Chairman, Halls Committee (H))

Mr Rob Jordan (H)
Mrs Fiona Lovesey (H)
Mr Stephen McCann (R&L)
Mr Philip Murray (R&L)
Mr Dave Olley (R&L)
Mr Tom Stevenson (R&L)
Mr Michael Winton (H)
Mr Rob Workman (H)

Below shows the Benson Parish Council Meeting Member Allocation


Cllr P Peers (Chair)
Cllr P Baylis
Cllr J Fowler
Cllr T McTeague


Cllr T McTeague (Chair)
Cllr J Fowler
Cllr R Jordan
Cllr F Lovesey
Cllr P Peers
Cllr M Winton
Cllr R Workman

Recreation & Lands:

Cllr P Baylis (Chair)
Cllr J Fowler
Cllr S McCann
Cllr P Murray
Cllr D Olley
Cllr P Peers

Cllr T Stevenson


Cllr J Fowler (Chair)
Cllr R Jordan
Cllr P Murray
Cllr D Olley
Cllr P Peers
Clr Rob Workman                                           RF                          


Cllr T Stevenson (Chair)
Cllr P Baylis
Cllr P Peers


Cllr P Baylis (Chair)
Cllr J Fowler
Cllr P Peers
Cllr T McTeague


 Outside Bodies liaison councillors

Archives - P Eldridge BPC Clerk
Bensington Society  - Cllr P Murray
Benson Bulletin  - Cllr P Baylis
Benson C of E Primary School -  Cllr T McTeague
Benson Community Association  - Cllr D Olley
Brownies, Guides & Scouts  - Cllr T Stevenson
Friends of Benson Library -  Cllr P Peers
Footpaths  - Cllrs P Baylis & T Stevenson
Grundons, Agrivert, Hazell & Jeffries -  Cllr P Murray
Health & safety -  Cllr J Fowler
Millstream Day Centre -  Cllr T McTeague
OALC -  Cllr M Winton
RAF Benson  - Cllr F Lovesey
RAF Benson School -  Cllr F Lovesey
Tennis Club -  Cllr R Jordan
Transport -  Cllr P Peers
War Memorial  - Cllrs D Olley & F Lovesey
Youth Club -  Cllr P Peers
Townlands Hospital (Henley) Steering Group -  Cllr M Winton
Benson Flood Alleviation Group -  Cllr R Workman