Q. How do I submit a planning application?

A. SODC provides information on the SODC Web Site and can give a response by phone:
Visit Planning Application Section on SODC Website 
Phone 01235 540546

Q. Is the parish hall kitchen included in the hire of the hall and lounge?

A. The parish hall kitchen is available for all hirers to use, but please note that it is a shared facility
for all hirers and staff who are in the building at the same time.

Q. Does the parish hall have a permanent Bar?

A. There is no permanent bar facility at the hall, but the provision of alcohol for sale is permitted as
long as a licence is obtained for a fee of £25.

Q. How can I pay my hire invoice?

A. On the invoice is information to pay by BACs. Payments can also be made by cheque and cash at the parish office, or by posting a cheque, or hand delivering it to the parish hall letter box.